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Work Zone Traffic Control, LLC is always looking to add more traffic control supervisors, sign crew members, and flaggers to our team. If you are interested in becoming a part of our team please fill out our application!

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Traffic Control Supervisors

The Traffic Control Supervisor will be responsible for placing, maintaining, and removing traffic control operations per MUTCD and/or according to local and state regulations.


  • Traffic Control Supervisor must have a valid driver license and be able to be added to our insurance.
  • Must have a decently clean MVR Record.
  • Must have experience and hold a Traffic Control Supervisor Certification through ATSSA or CCA.
  • Will be required to go through a background screening
  • Will be assigned a company vehicle and cell phone.

Essential Duties

  • Respond to calls in timely manner within 1 hour when on-call.
  • Maintain all equipment in a safe and working condition
  • Preform pre job inspections
  • Check inventory and inspect equipment needed for job
  • Load all required equipment into vehicle
  • Navigate safely to and from office to jobsites
  • Setting up devices: cones, signs, barrels barricades etc. on jobsites per MUTCD guidelines.
  • Flagging of traffic to ensure safe work zone for customers, employees and traveling public
  • Coordinating with customers and employees ensuring a safe, efficient and problem free service
  • Completing required paperwork, receipts and time sheets on or before mandatory deadlines.
  • Report any and all unsafe conditions to supervisor as soon as possible
  • Ability to effectively communicate (written and verbal) information to customers, employees and the traveling public
  • Other duties as assigned

Flagger Operator

Flaggers control and direct movement of the traveling public through construction work sites using flag paddles and/or flag signals. Flaggers warn each other and/or construction workers when approaching vehicles fail to heed signals to prevent accident and injury to workers. Flaggers also inform drivers of detour routes, expected delays etc. Flaggers are responsible for public safety.

Requirements for Certification:

  • This video must be watched in order to take the certification test.

  • The Flagger Manual – This is mandatory to study for the test.

  • A score of 85% must be met in order to pass.

Sign Crew Members – Job Requirements and Duties

  • Valid driver’s license – Being able to get to work every day without an issue, also being able to drive trucks and equipment when needed along with hauling trailers.

  • Lifting weight – You will be asked to lift awkward weight and also heavy weight at times.

  • Weather conditions – Working in all weather conditions and being prepared with the correct clothing and PPE to get the task at hand done with no excuses.

  • Operating equipment – Being able/ learn to operate skid steers, bucket trucks, and crane trucks.

  • Using Hand tools – Will be asked to use drills, impacts, wrenches, levels, generators, jack hammers, hydraulic pounders, post pullers, demo saw, core drills, chain saw, sledge hammers, shovels, and spud bars.

  • Concrete work – Will be working around concrete quite often, pouring holes and finishing the bases with trowel. As well as cutting concrete and jack hammering it out.

  • Working hours - Being able to work long hours and being on your feet for long periods of time. As well as working weekends.

  • Staying out of town – Being able to stay out of town week by week for periods of time.

  • Paperwork – Being able to complete your timecard/dailies every day. Also doing vehicle inspections along with trailer and equipment inspections.

  • Working on ladders and at heights – Being able to wear fall protection and work from heights in a bucket truck along with working on a ladder.

  • Fence – Being able to work long hours on the fence line dealing with barbed wire and chain link.